Blackwood Roundabout

$3.5 million has been approved to upgrade the Blackwood Roundabout and is planned to begin in early 2018. DPTI are inviting the community and stakehholders to a series of project information sessions to provide input into the draft concept plan. This will enable DPTI to develop the detailed plan in preparation for construction. See details of the plan here Blackwood Roundabout Upgrade.

Update: Statue Relocation

DPTI sought clarification on the relocation site for the Statue at the Roundabout prior to works commencing. A special Council meeting was held on 16th Jan and it was resolved to maintain the current site of the Statue but move it closer to the Church to still allow widening of the road. Further consultation will take place at a later date to determine if the Statue should be moved to the Save the Children corner site. 

An excerpt from the Blackwood Traffic Management Plan..   See full article here