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Planned Cycling Events

Cycling events will occur on Saturday 24th January between 9am and 4.00pm. (Each ride will have a different start time).  *Please check back here for confirmed times. 


  • Lynton Time Trial - Hill climb time trial *  (Begin 10am at Lynton, finish Waite Street Reserve) *Registrations open at 9.30am. A registration form must be signed prior to participating in the ride. 
  • Family Recreational ride  - for parents, kids and anyone wanting a pleasant and easy ride.  (Begin 9am Waite Street Reserve - travel designated route to Belair National Park, finish Waite Street Reserve) *Registrations open at 8.30am. A registration form must be signed prior to participating in the ride.
  • Tots Mini Circuit - Hay bail maze for younger children - a fun and free event for kids on trikes - at the Fun Zone in the Waite Street Reserve.
  • Other Rides:  You are also welcome to take part in the rides organized by a local cycling group 'Mud Sweat and Gears'.  They have a ride to Mt Lofty starting at 7:30am on Saturday January 24, 7:30am – 9:00am; and a ride to Willunga on Sat, January 24, 7:15am – 1:00pm.  More details of these rides can be found on their website here:

Let your friends know - so more can take part in these challenges and help to make this a truly exciting cycling celebration. 




A Jersey is also available.  This Jersey is produced by one of our sponsors - Megabike.  These will cost $59 to cover manufacturing. When you register for any event you can choose the option that includes the donation and the Jersey or purchase the Jersey individually.

*We plan to have our own BikeFest Jersey in preparation for our event next year.


We ask you to make a donation of $20 when you register - money raised will go toward the CFS Water Tanker appeal, so we have the required resources to support fire fighting efforts in the unfortuante event that severe bushfires place our community at risk.  



You can register for one of our cycling event on our Event Registration Page. Click this link to register. Register



Insurance for Riders - Did you know that when riding a bike on a public road you have the same risks as driving a car. You can get Third Party Insurance to cover you, others and property if you happen to have an accident. This is very easy. All you need to do is become a member of BikeSA, and you will be covered. A single membership is $80, concession $57, family $110 and household concession $77. This Third Party Insurance will cover you for a year anywhere in Australia. It also provides some cover for medical expenses and time off work. We strongly recommend all participants of our rides to protect themselves with this Insurance. It is voluntary, but of course you have to take responsibility for the risks if you don't. Visit BikeSA membership page here for more information:




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Social drinks: Last Friday of the month at the Belair Hotel, Sports Bar 5.45pm - 7.30pm ALL WELCOME!!


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