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 Prue MacElwain from Timms Real Estate. 

We're very happy to have Prue McElwain, on board as a new member and Treasurer of theBBN.  Prue is the Property Marketing Specialist of Timms Real Estate that have just opened a new office in Shepherds Hill Road in Blackwood.  

Prue will give you the ultimate personalised service - not just providing you a home, but a lifestyle and a future ..

FREE signboard8 x 4 and a 1/4 page advertisement in the local paper with every home listed through Prue McElwain.   A value of $560.  Contact Prue and take advantage of this special offer.   M:0406 885 798

 Caroline- Market on Main

Caroline from Market on Main has taken over the former Revamp business at 218A Main Road,Blackwood, SA.    M:  0411 491 899.  Caroline has brought her flair for fashion and creativity to her newly established business.  Not only fashion, but gifts, artifacts and more.. Pay her a visit.. you'll be glad you did.

Visit her facebook page here.
Deb Smith Photography - We welcome Deb as a new member of the BBN.  Visit Deb's website to see how a photography session canliterally change your life.. ..
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