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the BBN hold Breakfasts with interesting speakers, join in the Blackwood Parade and have a stall at the Fair following the parade.

The purpose of The Blackwood BikeFest..  our new companion cycling and festival event, is to compliment the internationally recognized Tour Down Under Festival of Events that comes to Adelaide and regional South Australia each year.  The event attracts around 760,000 visitors to the event, and the BBN want to take advantage of the opportunity to join in the festival of events offered in various precincts statewide.  It will provide local cycling events and other interesting activities and entertainment to our local and broader community and to the national and international visitors to our area. We also wish to showcase our beautiful hills village - it's natural environment, heritage, shopping, growing cafe culture and the benefits of all this so close to the city and sea.

 Blackwood Bikefest


Benefits of this Major Event for our businesses include:

  • Our event will be Included in the TDU Festival of Cycling official program of events promoted on the TDU website and through their other printed promotional materials and the media
  • Included in TDU advertising materials (115,000 distributed onsite and in the Advertiser the week before the event).
  • Promoted through local newspapers
  • Promoted through the new BBN website (currently being developed)
  • Promoted through local schools, clubs and community organizations
  • Cycling events promoted through major Adelaide wide cycling clubs
  • Promoted through social media – a Facebook page to complement our site
  • Blackwood will join other precincts in contributing to the festivities of the TDU through our own unique cycling companion events and entertainment program 
  • Promote our district more broadly to South Australians, national and international visitors
  • Demonstrate our ability to conduct an impressive, professionally organized major event
  • Promote our business community – our unique village atmosphere and variety of shops
  • Promote our foothills suburbs as a beautiful place to live, our developing café culture, parks, gardens and heritage.
  • Support our application for a formal start or finish in a stage for the 2016 tour.

Get Involved

If you have not yet received information about business promotional opportunties through this event and would like to be involved, please contact us for full details of the 'Blackwood BikeFest' program of events.  We would love to have your involvement.

Contact:  Jane Silbereisen  M: 0477 209 782

Don't forget the other benefits to you of becoming a member.

Member Benefits  

  • Discount on all BBN programs and events
  • Friday night Social Networking drinks, Breakfast  program, Coffee Club
  • Business Support and Referral:  including local businesses and service
  • Council Representation: we represent local business and the community on a range of issues impacting the local area.


Join the BBN

If you wish to join the BBN, please complete the application form here or visit our Membership page here

Membership Fees  

  • Standard Member:    $ 90 pa (includes new member promotion in our Newsletter)
  • Corporate Member:  $130 pa (including FREE Corporate  diary with BBN logo, promotion in our Newsletter and logo on our website)
  • Corporate Sponsor:   $230 pa  Covers all staff of your organization (including FREE Corporate  diary with BBN logo, promotion in our Newsletter and recognition as a Corporate Sponsor with you logo on our website)

Become a member of the BBN now, and make this a year to expand your local networks and improve business opportunities.  


Download the Membership Application Form HERE.


Blackwood BikeFest

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Social drinks: Last Friday of the month at the Belair Hotel, Sports Bar 5.45pm - 7.30pm ALL WELCOME!!


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