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Our main networking event is our Friday night social drinks held on the last Friday of each month from 5.45-7.30pm.  Other networking opportunities

include the Coffee Club, Breakfast program and the information nights that occur throughout the year.

Networking Events provide an opportunity for businesses and their employees to meet together in a relaxed, social atmosphere and learn about what products and services each business offers, and the unique skillset and interests of its members.

Drop In

We encourage you to attend these events.  While we are all busy, and look forward to retiring on a Friday after a busy week, it will be worth your while to drop in for a relaxing social drink.  Every interaction with another local business can lead to positive outcomes.

Join Us

Joining the BBN has numerous benefits. 

Member Benefits  

  • Discount on all BBN programs and events
  • Friday night Social Networking drinks, Breakfast  program, Coffee Club
  • Business Support and Referral:  including local businesses and service
  • Council Representation: we represent local business and the community on a range of issues impacting the local area.

Membership Fees  

  • Standard Member  $ 90 pa (includes new member promotion in our Newsletter)
  • Corporate Member:  $130 pa (including FREE Corporate  diary with BBN logo, promotion in our Newsletter and logo on our website)
  • Corporate Sponsor:   $230 pa  Covers all staff of your organization (including FREE Corporate  diary with BBN logo, promotion in our Newsletter and recognition as a Corporate Sponsor with you logo on our website)

Become a member of the BBN now, and make this a year to expand your local networks and improve business opportunities.

If you wish to join the BBN, please complete the application on the Membership page HERE







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Social drinks: Last Friday of the month at the Belair Hotel, Sports Bar 5.45pm - 7.30pm ALL WELCOME!!


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